I took this article from sohh.com and I’m a little confused cause they say she speaks to a British TV Host. Watch the video you’ll see where my confusion comes in. Speaking of confusion looks like poor little Alicia is as well, I would be to though if I had 5 people talking to me and only one knew my language. Oh boy!

Speaking with British TV host Jonathan Ross, Keys set the record straight on a previous statement she made about retiring at the age of 30. Keys told Ross,”I was just saying that I would like the option to be able to retire by 30. I feel very blessed… but I definitely have so much more to do. I have so many things that I want to do, so many more things I want to get involved in, important things I want to do… I have to perform, I love it so much.” (BET)

“Working with other people is definitely something I want to do more of,” she said of her recent trend towards collaboration. “I love it a lot. It takes me out of my element into a whole other world. I’d love to collaboratewith Kings of Leon and M.I.A. I think would be crazy.” (RRT News)

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