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Mrs. Kardashian Odom went to Washington — and shook hands with the leader of the free world.

That’s right: Khloe Kardashian Odom escorted husband Lamar Odom to the White House on Monday. Odom’s Los Angeles Lakers were invited to visit to celebrate their 2009 NBA championship, and Kardashian, 25, went along for the historic day.

“Yay! Heading to DC to meet my baby!!!” Kardashian Tweeted Sunday afternoon.

Inside the White House, President Barack Obama posed for a photo with the entire team as Kobe Bryant presented him with an Lakers jersey (labeled “Obama #1).

Obama then moved on to shake hands with seated guests — including Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant and, Kardashian.

The basketball players and their dates then enjoyed a tour of the presidential grounds.

The reality star could barely contain her excitement after the big moment. “Such an amazing day!” Khloe Tweeted. “I just meet [sic] Obama with my husband! :)”

Khloe’s big sister Kim might have the chance to hang with Obama as well — if her boyfriend Reggie Bush wins the Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints, that is…but not bloody likely.  COLTS ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

[Source: US Magazine]

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