So what will Princess Kate be DOING? Well..besides popping out rosy-cheeked, duty-minded male heirs to show up at the polo grounds in dandy top hats? Plenty, mate, plenty. And by plenty, I mean…

Trips. Lots and lots of trips.

“When you marry the heir to the throne, the first thing that happens is you take on a level of civic responsibility,” says MSNBC journalist and royals expert Martin Bashir.

“You represent the queen on a number of trips” around greater Britain, including, of course, Scotland, Ireland and other bonny sods. (Catch that photo of Will and Kate christening a new lifeboat in February? I think Kate wore turkey feathers. Anyway, that sort of jape.)

The travel won’t end there.

Let’s not forget the Commonwealth, that collection of 54 nations that regards the British Queen as its symbolic leader. We’re talking lands ranging from Canada to India, from Papua New Guinea to Nuaru. They’re all countries that would love, just love, to host a visiting princess, for the prestige, and also just for plain old PR.

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