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So, Criminals are not getting any brighter as the years go by, but this story right here takes the cake…LITERALLY. 18 year old Mac Book owner and entrepreneur Mark Bao had his laptop stolen 2 months ago. On Friday, he discovered he could remotely access the browser history on the machine and that’s when the fun really began.

The first thing the thief does…Takes some pretty fly pics on iPhoto..cause that’s what a real crook is about…but then..the unthinkable…He practices and records his dance moves before he unleashes them on the ladies in a club setting…Watch this fool get down

We would like to thank Travis Porter for providing a hit record for him to practice to.

Mark also attained access to the thief’s Facebook page and found out this clown lives a few blocks from his dorm at Bentley University in Waltham, Mass!!! . Bao plans to report the thief to the campus police when he gets back from spring break–but not before he embarrasses him a few more times.

Mr. Bao was able to get access to his Safari history using the cloud backup service Backblaze.

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