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Christina Aguilera hasn’t learned her lesson despite spending the night in a drunk tank. After her public intoxication detainment, she is back to drinking and even returned to the establishment she got Snooki drunk at before her welfare-arrest.

A server from Osteria Mozza told Us that Xtina and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, returned to the eatery and ordered two bottles of wine. In the mark of a true drunk, they ordered more wine for dessert. Her “friends” also squealed to Star that she has gained 40 pounds since her marriage fell apart because she is comforting eating/drinking.

“Christina’s lost her confidence since she split from Jordan,” an insider tells Star. “She gets terribly sad, and that’s when all the awful memories come flooding back and she ends up numbing herself with booze and food.”

Her “friends” also mentioned that she has been getting “falling down drunk” on a nightly basis. Rutler’s father has even joined in on the pointing the drunk ho foam finger at Aguilera. He told Radar that his son was saintly and peed holy water in the morning until he fell under the spell of Drunktina Boozeuilera.

“He has a perfect record, he has never been in any trouble. He is an excellent driver, I taught him to drive and sat next to him in the passenger seat as he drove to school everyday, he’s a good kid. I’m concerned for both of them. I hope everything turns out OK.”


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