Riggs note:  This is WEAK.  Conan obviously doesn’t care about going out with a bang….but I don’t think its his fault really.  TEAM CONAN!

(From PopEater)

With Conan O’Brien’s days at ‘The Tonight Show’ winding down, PopEater can exclusively reveal who will be the host’s final guest on Jan. 22: Barry Manilow.

“It’s a perfect fit for Barry, who was once Bette Midler’s piano player, to be the one to say goodbye to Conan,” says our insider. “Bette was the late great Johnny Carson’s final guest and now Barry will be Conan’s … if his final date holds.”

And although Manilow will sing one of the songs from his new album, ‘The Greatest Love Songs of All Time,’ sources reveal the final spot of the night will be Manilow, the band, staff, crew and audience all singing what might be the most appropriate song ever: ‘Can’t Smile Without You.’

According to widespread reports, O’Brien and NBC have struck a deal and will end their rocky relationship officially next Friday. The network has not confirmed the Jan. 22 finale for O’Brien or reports that Jay Leno will be re-taking his job at ‘The Tonight Show.’

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