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You may still think of Simon Cowell as Mister Grumpy Gills, but we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE story that proves the Brit has a heart of gold.

Simon was in town this week on some official X Factor business. (That’s code for figuring out who the hell is going to judge the damn show!)

While taking a break from his grueling job, Simon reportedly went out for a bite. Our source reveals that Simon jumped in his Bentley and headed straight for the nearest  In N’ Out drive-thru. That’s right, Simon likes a double-double just like the rest of us! Ha!

Kidding aside, what really makes this story is the generosity he showed towards his server and a homeless man who was standing outside the restaurant. Without hesitation, he handed each of them $200 dollars.

Incredible, right? It’s not like he doesn’t have it to spare, but obviously he is the kind of man who also enjoys spreading the wealth. We’re very impressed!

Bless your sweet heart, Simon. 


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