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It’s the end of a comedy era. Steve Carell, aka Michael Scott, is filming his last scenes for ‘The Office’ today–and many around the country are mourning his soon-to-be-aired departure from the hit TV series.

Earlier today, Rainn Wilson, who plays the delightfully quirky Dwight Schrute, Tweeted that it was Carell’s final day on set: “Steve Carell’s last day on ‘The Office.’ And the angels of comedy wept… #saddestdayever.” And while the cast might be incredibly sad to see their courageous comedic leader leave, it’s safe to assume the sitcom’s audience will miss Carell even more.

During his stint on the show, Carell was constantly described as the glue that held ‘The Office’ cast together–on screen and off. Critics and audiences alike are eager to see if the sitcom can continue to work without its most billable star.

Carell wasn’t always this well known. When he took the gig as Michael Scott, manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office, he was known only to die-hard ‘The Daily Show’ fans. Fast-forward six years and he’s one of the most sought after comedic actors in Hollywood. And as points out, he became a mega-movie star without even taking a break from his regular gig at Dunder Mifflin.

Happily, this isn’t the last audiences will see of Carell. The 48-year old actor has a few more episodes of ‘The Office’ airing and a handful of intriguing film projects lined up including “Dogs of Babel” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” with Julianne Moore and Kevin Bacon.

Think it’s too much to hope for an ‘Office’ cameo or two over the next few seasons?

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