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Kim Kardashian and her sisters have made millions off of their celebrity endorsements, but there are plenty of products the reality stars have turned down.

During a taping for Monday’s “Rachael Ray Show,” Kim revealed she actually turned down being the face of posterior quadrant enhancements.

“I have said no to butt enhancement pills. I’m like, I don’t think I need them and this is just crazy,” Kim told Rachael, when the foodie-turned-TV talker asked about the “freakiest requests” that the Kardashians have seen.

“It’s my job as a manager to present them with every single deal whether I want to or not,” Kim’s mom, Kris, who also appeared on the episode, chimed in with a smile. “It’s nothing about the 10 percent, I swear.”

Beyond rump-growing pill talk, Kris said the family are giving real consideration to allowing teens Kylie and Kendall – Kris’ daughters with Bruce Jenner – to have their own spin-off show.

“Well, we’ve been batting that around a little bit,” Kris confirmed to Rachael. “School’s first. As long as they get good grades and keep doing what they’re doing. They’re good girls and Kendall has her cheerleading, Kylie has her dance class and they have horseback riding, so you never know.”

Kim confirmed they’ve discussed the idea with the man behind their hit show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” but they aren’t quite ready to say yes just yet.

Kim and Kris’ full appearance airs on Monday on the “Rachael Ray Show”