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It’s 2010, and that means it might be time to retire some old phrases that aren’t quite as cool or funny to say as they once were:

(1) “Not so much” and its even more tired cousin, “Eh, not so much.”

(2) “Too much information!” or TMI

(3) “And by [that] I mean [this].”

(4) “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

(5) “Good times.”

(6) “Did I say that out loud?”

(7) “______ much?” (e.g. “Jealous much?” “Angry much?”

(8) “Hey, stop eating my dinner, Eatie McEaterson!” (or any similar phrase that ends in Blank-y McBlankerson).

(9) “Really?!”

(10) “It’s like a party in my mouth.” (in reference to food or drink that tastes good).

(11) “Hey, don’t go there!”

(12) “Burn!” (spoken after someone has delivered an insult).

(13) “Alrighty then.”

(14) “Ya THINK?”

(15) “Thanks for sharing.”

(16) “Best. _____. Ever.”

(17) “Oh, snap!”

(18) “Business” (referring to one’s personal body parts as your, his, or her “business” – very three years ago.)

By the way, “That’s what she said!” is still okay to say through 2011.

Honorable mentions / phrases that almost made the list:

(1) “At the end of the day”

(2) “It is what it is.”

(3) “It’s all good.”

(4) “Just sayin’.”

(5) “Epic win” & “Epic fail”

(6) “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

(7) “That’s how I roll” or “That’s how we roll”

(8) “I’m not gonna lie…”


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