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There are three things you can count on in life. Death, taxes and Snoop Dogg ruling the pop landscape. It’s been that way since the wiry West Coast hip-hop icon first released his 1993 landmark multi-platinum debut, ‘Doggystyle.’

Now, with the March release of his upcoming album ‘Doggumentary,’ Snoop is headed back to his smoked-out roots. News has already been circulating about his new stoner comedy, ‘High School,’ an April 20 film that also features current rap star-in-the-making Wiz Khalifa, whose ‘Black & Yellow’ is riding high as a top 10 hit on the Billboard singles chart. According to Wiz, working with Snoop was a dream come true.

“It’s been great,” Wiz tells PopEater of his planned screen time with the Doggfather, who is also featured on the Pittsburgh rapper’s all-star remix for ‘Black & Yellow.’

Since ‘Doggystyle,’ Snoop has gone beyond the rap world into film, family-friendly reality TV and endorsement deals. How big of an American icon has Snoop become? Nearly 20 years into his career, he can currently be seen in a national Pepsi television commercial and on poppy boy band Big Time Rush’s MTV hit ‘Boyfriend.’

“Snoop is definitely an icon. I don’t get nervous around him because he is so cool. We have this soundtrack we are recording for ‘High School.’ At the same time, we are working on the movie,” Wiz tells us. “Me and Snoop are getting a bunch of people who are on the same movement we are on; people who are known for the same things we do.”

As for Wiz’s own career, he is set to drop his buzz-heavy debut album ‘Rolling Papers’ on March 29. “I really want it to represent the mature next step in my music,” he says of his new work. “A lot of people have been following me for some years now; they know my growth and progression. I just really want to build on top of that and still surprise people.”


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