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So sad!

Marie Osmond has called off her wedding scheduled for this summer with her first husband Stephen Craig.

The two were married and split about 25 years ago, and had just recently rekindled their relationship.

Everything seemed to be going well, too!

A source says:

“Stephen and Marie were in a really good place with their relationship until the holidays rolled around. Making plans to marry this summer took precedence over almost everything else in their lives.”

It’s such a shame they couldn’t keep it together, though, and it looks like some trust issues resurfaced even after all this time.


“They had a son the following year but divorced three years later, with Marie accusing Stephen in divorce papers of cheating throughout the marriage. Marie tried to put the past behind her, but after reuniting with Stephen, suspicions about his cheating stayed in the back of her mind.

“She told him flat out, ‘I just don’t feel I can trust you.’ Stephen insisted he’s a much different man than he was 25 years ago, but Marie wouldn’t hear it. It ended with Marie calling off the wedding.”

Over that much time we def feel like people have had the opportunity to change!

It breaks our heart to see something everyone was looking forward to – from the couple to her kids – end so abruptly!

There are also some worries about how Marie will be handling the upcoming year anniversary of her son’s tragic suicide. While we understand that, she just doesn’t seem to be in a very good place right now.


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