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Does Carrie Underwood have something to worry about?

At the Global Action Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Hilary Duff told reporters she is a little jealous of the American Idol singer.

Turns out the Duffster wishes her hockey hubby Mike Comrie would also get traded to a team closer to home.

“I’m a little envious of her right now because he just got traded to Nashville,” Duff joked to reporters about Underwood’s hubby Mike Fisher. “Like, ‘Really?’ I’m like, ‘Come on! I’ll take San Jose, I’ll take any place closer than Pittsburgh!”

Duff added with a laugh, “I do love Pittsburgh [though] and the team is really good. ”

As you may have heard, Underwood’s beau recently got traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators. Duff”s man currently plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins while she lives in L.A.

Joking aside, Duff says she and Underwood both understand the hardships of a long-distance marriage, adding, “We get it because we kind of go through the same thing. When we see each other we [talk]. For a while, our guys played on the same team so it was cool to see her there.”

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