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What is a “friend?” And is there a difference between “friending” and “befriending?”

Or, in other words, how has Facebook changed the landscape of human interaction, and where do the bounds of true friendship begin and end?

These are just a few of the questions that Winnetka author ArLynn Leiber Presser has been turning over in her mind since Dec. 30, when she made a New Year’s resolution to meet every one of her 330 Facebook friends–in person.

“I initially joined Facebook to keep tabs on my sons Eastman and Joseph,” Presser said. “Since then I’ve made more than 300 connections, and I realized that I don’t know many of them or, in some cases, how I wound up connected to them. That’s one of the things I’m going to explore with this project.”

The project, called Face to Facebook (f2fb), is equal parts documentary, blog, vlog and journey of self-discovery as Presser travels to meet her Facebook friends. It will take her from the East Coast to Alaska, and as far away as Mexico, Turkey, India and South Korea.

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