The People’s Champion is back.

The Rock, a nine-time WWF/WWE champion and fan-favorite legend, is returning to host “Wrestlemania XXVII.” He announced his return on WWE Raw on Monday night in a short video that electrified the pro wrestling world.

“The most electrifying man of all of entertainment is hosting the most electrifying event of all of entertainment!” he exclaimed in a behind-the-scenes video. He brings back his self-important persona, third person references, self-proclaimed “People’s Champion” title and, of course, The People’s Elbow.

The Rock, of course, is the wrestling persona of Dwayne Johnson, the one-time college football player and now movie star. Since leaving wrestling, he’s been a consistent action movie performer, drawing big box offices for “The Mummy Returns,” “The Scorpion King,” “Doom,” and comedies such as “The Game Plan,” “Tooth Fairy,” and “The Other Guys.”

Can you smell it?


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