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For all of you that want a good laugh or just not partaking in this love fest known as Valentines Day. I’ve put up a few winning poems from my close friend “D-Bag Jackson”…Enjoy!

Roses are Red

Asphalt is Black

I’m watching your diet

Cause your mom is real fat

I spent over one hundred

and that wasnt for nothing

so on the ride home

I expect some s**kin!

I could tell you that I love you

and that might be a lie

I had the perfect gift

but your card was declined

Its Valentines Day

Im going to love you all over

But it would be too sweet

If your HOT Friend came over

I never say sorry or apologize much

I dont like your dad and your friends are all sluts

We could have went out and had Valentines Cheer

But your out with that guy you told me was queer.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! From WebCam and the Great People at RadioNOW 100.9!

Uncanny Passion under the act of “Till Death Do Us Part” Warning Song has explicit lyrics!

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