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Last night during Usher’s Grammy Weekend party, actor/singer Jamie Foxx got into a PHYSICAL FIGHT with three gentlemen.

Here’s what we know. According to a ROCK-SOLID-CELEBRITY snitch, Jamie “got jumped” by three individuals. The insider explained, “It was a Grammy Party, but it was very ghetto . . . people were pushing and shoving. At one point some girl started screaming. It was very hood.”

And during the melee, a CELEBRITY (whom we’ll leave anonymous until we can confirm) got into a shoving match with Jamie Foxx. The insider explained, “Jamie and [the celeb] have had problems before and last night, they started fighting.”

The insider claims that Jamie was getting it in with dude when two of his boys ran up on Jamie and started beating on him.’s snitch explained, “They didn’t beat [Jamie] too bad, but he definitely got a bunch of fists to the head.”

The fight lasted only about a minute, before security broke it up. No one was arrested . . . or even thrown out of the event. How hood!!!

We’re working on CONFIRMATION on the celebrity jumper part and on DETAILS. But we can tell you 100% that Jamie Foxx DID get jumped last night.


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