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Right now I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store. We recently got a new technology for my practice that is able to chill fat and result in an average of 25% reduction in fat cells — with no discomfort and absolutely no downtime! It’s called Zeltiq, and it just received FDA approval for fat reduction. Since I am naturally skeptical, when I heard about this several months back, I really had my doubts. As I began to examine the research and talk to my colleagues around the country who had the unit, I became more intrigued.

This is not a treatment for significant fat deposits but ideally suited for smaller, exercise-resistant areas such as hip rolls (flanks), bra fat, abdominal fat (without much skin laxity) and inner thighs. The treatment takes one hour per area treated, and since the unit chills the tissue gradually, it becomes numb. The chilled fat is more susceptible to cold, and about 25% of the treated fat cells crystallize and are subsequently broken down by the immune system and excreted.

This results in a gradual deflation of the area. Bigger areas can be retreated a second or even third time if needed. After the treatment, there is absolutely no discomfort. A very few patients reported feeling a little numb for about a week. You can resume all activities, exercise, etc. immediately after the treatment.

I am as excited about this new procedure as anything I have seen in a long, long time. We are always looking for legitimate, minimally invasive techniques to achieve cosmetic goals. I really am convinced that this is the real deal. I invite anyone who is interested to check out our site: chillmyfat.com. Before and after photos are available which really tell the story. Way cool!

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