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In 2011 people have altered there reality. The reality of “Being Real”. We look at “Reality TV” Characters to tell us how to act or not to, we Look to American Idol to tell us who is supposed to be the next big thing and we look to social networks like Facebook to determine how we live our lives.

When you log on to your facebook account you see sex, threats and altered reality. Some people think they have plenty of friends, Some think they have too many haters. Which got me thinking…Is Facebook the Bible? If so…Who is the person who is going to save us from this world of corruption, hate, lust and viruses! Wasn’t Facebook for people that were “Too grown for Myspace”? Has Tom really duped us all from a mansion laughing with a drink and the Girl in the real slutty profile that EVERYONE Clicked and added??? We dont know…But here is part of the healing process

The Facebook Commandments

Thou Shall Not Commit Crimes Over Status Updates

Thou Shall Not Tag Photos With Married Individuals

Honor Thy Password and Inbox Privacy

Thou Shall Delete All Girls Who LOOK Under 21

Thou Shall Not Complain or Pointlessly Update

Thou Shall Not Assume Every Flirt Is A Sex Partner

Thou Shall Clean All Mirrors Before Photographing

Thou Must Keep Minimal or No Contact With All Parents Friends

Thou Must Not Treat Your Relationship Status Like A Roller Coaster Diet

Thou Must Reveal True And Most Recent Identity Through Photographs

These simple Commandments SHOULD keep us all in a certain perspective. When you log on next time truly think about this and act Accordingly. Thats it for today but stay tuned as we will start “Is Facebook The Bible” Series! Part 2 we will be reading from the Book of “CHATS”

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