When we all got the surprising information that Hugh Hefner was tying the knot to 24-year-old girlfriend, Crystal Harris, our first reaction was whaaa?!

And well, we weren’t alone.

Hefner’s ex, Holly Madison, was just as shocked at the news. “I have a lot of different feelings on it. I don’t just feel one way,” she told E! back when the news broke. Although the starlet has offered her kind words to the couple, she decided it’s best for her to stay away from the ceremony.

Not that the Peep Show star has received her invitation just yet. However, judging from Sunday’s episode of Holly’s World, her visit to the mansion to congratulate the newly-engaged couple seemed friendly enough that an expensive cardstock invite with fancy script isn’t totally out of the question.

But just as the E! reality star played it cool on the show, she continues playing it cool when it comes to discussing the matter at all.

Holly tells HDNet’s Naughty But Nice that while Hugh and Crystal are planning a summer wedding, she’s planning on being busy around that time. And her decision not to attend is not based on jealousy (as we might’ve assumed).

“I feel like the attention should be on them,” Holly says. “It shouldn’t be about ex-girlfriends showing up and what are their reactions and stuff like that. I think it should be about them.”

Well said! So what reason would she give the happy couple for not attending?

“It’s probably because I have a show in Vegas.”

Works for us!

What do you guys think? Should Holly go to the wedding or is she making the right decision? Weigh in on the comments below!

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