Glee. Never. Stops.

After Sunday’s Super Bowl spectacular episode, the excitement continues, because Sue Sylvester becomes a member of the glee club itself (whoa), and then intergalactically famous celeb Gwyneth Paltrow returns for the first of two upcoming episodes.

Jane Lynch just poured a bucketful of Glee scoop in our laps. Here’s what the award-winning Glee personality revealed:

“Gwyneth Paltrow is back,” says Lynch. “She’s going to do a couple of episodes I think, and she’s just the best. She’s great, and she’s here because she wants to dance and sing and put a good message out to the kids.” Good for you, Mrs. Martin.

As for this week’s titanic TV event, we asked Jane Lynch if she could explain the title of the Super Bowl episode, “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle.” “I don’t know,” she said. “It’s nothing like the 1985 Bears. It probably has something to do with the routine that I’m choreographing that has Brittany shot out of a human cannon.”

Speaking of that attempted stunt, Jane says, “[Sue] does [get to be meaner than usual on Super Bowl Sunday]. We’re kind of doing an episode of Glee that’s on steroids, and it’s large. Sue Sylvester is a little bored with her routines—even though she has kids on BMX bikes and jumping through fire in this one routine with Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls,’ she wants to top herself. So she finds out there’s a human cannon in town. She buys it and wants to shoot Brittany (Heather Morris) out of it….Figgins (Iqbal Theba), our principal, doesn’t allow it—it’s a liability issue—and she has two hissy fits where she rips two rooms apart. It was definitely Sue Sylvester on the warpath.”

But wait, there’s more trouble in store for the petty tyrant: after the freakout, there comes a fall. According to Lynch, “Sue suffers a devastating loss with her Cheerios after the Super Bowl episode, and she becomes very, very depressed—she becomes dangerously depressed, where she’s more violent than usual. They get her to join the glee club to lift her spirits. They find that through raising her voice in song, it lifts [Sue], and she gets out of her depression. And so I’m actually in the glee club for a while.” Well, that’s going to be fun.

Meanwhile, back to the Super Bowl episode: Is it just us or was the show shooting the “Thriller” scene in particular for months on end?

We asked Lynch about the surprisingly recent photos of Lea Michele in zombie makeup, and she told us, “This is a big episode, it’s like the Madonna episode, the episode we shot for four months. It just drags on. I think we started after the holidays but we needed to pick up a couple of really quick reaction shots during the ‘Thriller’ song. They were really quick and fast, but everybody had to get back into everything, the zombie makeup and everything. It was a big deal for two shots.”

Photo mystery explained! And now aren’t you glad to know the poor Fox production accountants didn’t really have to find cash to pay for a two-month shoot on one single episode?

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