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We’re not surprised, mind you, that she was a tough cookie through the break-up. She’s not really the mushy-gushy type.

But apparently 50 Centis! Imagine that!

Sources close to the couple, who split right before the holidays, reveal to sources that after Chelsea Handlerdumped Fiddy, the rapper was “heartbroken.” He also was unwilling to take no for an answer when she told him they wouldn’t be getting back together. Reported, determined to win her back, Fiddy sent a slew of presents to her over Christmas as tokens of his lurve for her.

She responded by sending them back with a little note that read, “ I can buy my own gifts.”

Ouch! Burn! Poor guy was probably just trying to be romantic!

He should have known though, as we did, that it was never meant to last.


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