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But the real question is…was she worth it? Ha!

According to sources who were at the Metropolis in Montreal last night,Lauryn Hill showed up three hours late for her 9:30 PM show, just like she did in Brooklyn a few weeks ago! The nerve!

One source revealed to us that Lauryn’s excuse for being so late had to do with the condition of her voice. She explained that she had to let it relax because it was so cold out.

But apparently, the time wasted didn’t help her voice at all. Another concert-goer told us she sounded AWFUL and made the songs “unrecognizable” the way she was singing them. The sourced added that everyone was royally pissed for wasting their money since “you couldn’t even keep up with her” while she performed.

Then, we read this review of her show, which was nothing if not justifiably biting. The reviewer explained:

“‘We’re going to do some classics tonight,’ Hill assured the crowd following that relatively obscure Bob Marley number. ‘You’re definitely going to recognize the words.’

And indeed, Lost Ones, one of the many Miseducation of Lauryn Hill standouts that the crowd indeed knew by heart, came next – only it didn’t sound much like the straight-ahead hip hop gem it was on the album. It was more of a funk-rock jam that showcased her band, as was Ex-Factor. Zion, the touching ballad tribute to her first child with Marley’s son Rohan, featured an aimless, jazzy keyboard solo that seemed entirely out of place.

This seemed to lend credence to those reports of Hill obliterating her beloved classics, which I normally don’t begrudge an artist who’s played them ad nauseam over the years. But given that Hill hasn’t exactly been a prolific performer over the past decade, and that she hasn’t so much as set foot in Montreal for most of that time, a more crowd-pleasing set seemed in order, especially given the interminable wait. (How can she be tired of them already?)”

Wow. What is she doing on this tour?

If we’ve learned one thing about Lauryn from these reports is that her fans are devoted LOYAL. We don’t know too many people who would put up with waiting so long to see an artist perform, only to hear them sing songs they’d never heard before or hear their favorites torn to bits.

She’s very lucky…but how long with that last, we wonder.


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