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Found this from  “TheFrisky”:

10.  Michael Jackson – He passed away this year, wiping his slate clean and allowing some people to remember the awesome impact of his phenomenally unique music.

9.  The Layaway – Welcome back, layaway! This was the first year in a while that major retailers had to go back to bygone ways of getting people to spend on a budget.

8.  Harem Pants – Like them or hate them, you can’t deny that harem pants were everywhere this year. (Riggs note: WTF are Harem Pants?)

7.  3-D Movies – This was the year for 3D movies like “Avatar,” “Coraline,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Up,” “My Bloody Valentine,” and “Monsters Vs. Aliens.”

6.  Sandra Bullock – What movie wasn’t Sandra Bullock in this year? Now let’s send her back into her cave. (Riggs note:  above Michael Jackson?  lame)

5.  Star Trek – This classic got a sexy, mainstreaming makeover thanks to JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, and Zach Quinto.

4.  The fitted sheath dress – It made a fashion resurgence in a big way, as a result of two powerful dress-wearing women, Michelle Obama and Joan Holloway.  (Riggs note:  ….um….what?)

3.  The Beatles – While they never actually dropped in popularity, “The Beatles: Rock Band” brought Beatles-cool back for even more generations.

2.  Instant Pictures – Hipsters saved Polaroid, and other instant cameras like Fuji’s (above) became more readily available. (Riggs note: …really?  I haven’t seen anyone use these unless they’re taking naked pictures or something)

1.  Homegrown vegetables – Thanks to the recession and the local growing craze, homegrown veggies are more popular than ever.

oh my…this list totally sucks.  Sorry, I had to click through individual pictures on TheFrisky HERE, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted this tom foolery.  Sorry to let you down.


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