Academy Award nominations—and arguments over Academy Award nominations—are due Tuesday morning.

Why wait? Let’s start the griping now with some fearless (and possibly incorrect) predictions!

What You’ll Cheer (We Think):

• Christian Bale, Best Supporting Actor nominee for The Fighter! He’s no dark horse, but he’s been around forever with no Oscar love.

• Christopher Nolan, Director, Original Screenplay and Best Picture triple-nominee for Inception! He’s no dark horse, either, but his Dark Knight snub still stings.

• Ryan Gosling, Best Actor nominee for Blue Valentine! He’s kinda like Bale, except he has been previously nominated (for Half Nelson), and, unfortunately, he is a longshot to get nominated this time out.

• Hailee Steinfeld, Best Supporting Actress nominee for True Grit! At least one excited kid should walk the red carpet every year.

• The Town, Best Picture nominee! Producers Guild form holds, Ben Affleck’s thriller sneaks off with Winter’s Bone’s slot, and the crowd goes wild.

What You’ll Jeer (Probably and/or Possibly):

• Leonardo DiCaprio, not a Best Actor nominee for Inception and/or Shutter Island?! You know the snubs are coming. And you know the outrage is, too.

• Mark Wahlberg, not a Best Actor nominee for The Fighter?! You know this one’s coming, too, but it’s still gonna boggle (although it won’t hurt as much considering he’ll likely pick up a Best Picture nod as producer of the fight flick).

• Andrew Garfield, not a Best Supporting Actor nominee for The Social Network?! He’ll probably get in, but his lack of a Screen Actors Guild nod does give pause.

• Mila Kunis, not a Best Supporting Actress nominee for Black Swan?! She’s got the SAG nod, but will she have enough support to squeeze into the category over, say, Animal Kingdom’s Jacki Weaver?

• Michael Douglas, not a Best Supporting Actor nominee for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps?! Weren’t you pulling for him to win at the Golden Globes? Aren’t you hoping he’ll be decked out in his tux come Oscar night? (Well, maybe as a presenter…)

• Tom Hooper, not a Best Director nominee for The King’s Speech?! OK, maybe this potential snub won’t stir passion, but it sure would stir the pot if Hooper loses out to, say, True Grit’s Coen brothers, and has to send his film to the Best Picture race without him.

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