Who needs Deep Thoat when there’s soft focus?

While Lindsay Lohan’s starring role in the Linda Lovelace biopic may have gone kaput, it looks like there are other glamorous opportunities in the offering.

So what is La Lohan shilling now?


This beauty shot is pure art, baby, as part of fashion photographer Adam Secore’s Fight & Fable Show running at the Kana Manglapus Gallery in Venice, Calif., through Feb. 15.

LiLo took a week off from rehab to work with the artist back in November 2010. “Shooting Lindsay was inspirational for me as an artist, she’s so beautiful,” Secore said. “I consider her a muse and a friend. This image evokes whimsy fragility and at the same time depth of character and strength. Both haunting and inspiring at the same time.”

So what do you think? Are you loving this shot, or are you pretty much over all things Lindsay? Or both? Sound off in the comments!

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