Ava is in, Michael is out. Looking toward the next decade, baby-naming experts Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, predict the most popular names—in 2019.

Here, the top ten names for both girls and boys for 2019.


1. AVA—Glamour Girl name beats out Eva along with other A names for top spot.

Runners up: AVERY or ADA.

2. AMELIA—New spin on new top name Emma and longtime No. 1 Emily.

Runner up: EMILIA.

3. ELLA—All names—ella—Isabella, Gabriella, Stella—have been popular, but Ella itself gets the most attention.

Runners up: BELLA or ELLIE.

4. VIOLET—Purple-y flower name popularized by Ben and Jen’s little girl.

Runner up: SCARLETT.

5. LILA—The double L is the winningest name sound of the next decade.

Runner up: DELILAH.

6. GRACE—Simple, cool, and well, graceful.

Runners up: GRACIE or PATIENCE.

7. RUBY—Sassy choice with a rich jewel undertone.

Runners up: GOLDIE or PEARL.

8. MATILDA—Unlikely hottie, the old-fashioned name was given star power by the daughter of Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger.

Runner up: MILLIE.

9. HARPER—Boyish choice with literary ties to (female) author Harper Lee.

Runners up: FLANNERY or SCOUT.

10. EVELYN—Grandma name just beginning to enjoy a revival, thanks to the Eva/Ava craze.

Runner up: EVELINE.


1. ETHAN—Biblical nice guy name finishes first.

Runners up: Caleb or Asher.

2. AIDEN—Traditional Irish name trounces rhyming copycats Jayden, Brayden, and Caden

3. MILO—Parents like the upbeat, energetic O-ending.

Runner up: Leo

4. CHARLIE—Unisex nicknames are finding their way onto the birth certificate.

Runner up: Sam

5. OSCAR—Odd Couple name gains wide acceptance.

Runner up: Felix

6. RYDER—Western cowboy name gallops up the list.

Runner up: Wyatt

7. CASH—The failed credit economy has lasting impact on baby names

Runner up: Chase

8. RIVER—Parents go green with nature names

Runner up: Hudson

9. KAI—A winning combination of gentle and exotic

Runner up: Luca

10. MAXIMUS—A name bound for maximum exposure.

Runners up: Max, Maxwell, Maxfield, Maximilian

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