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Judd Apatow just can’t keep the camera off his wife. Or off Paul Rudd. Leslie Mann and Rudd are onboard to star as the same combative couple they played in Knocked Up in a spin-off film to be written and directed by Apatow, Universal Entertainment.

No word yet on whether Katherine Heigl, who played Mann’s younger sister in the comedy’s bromantic predecessor, and onscreen baby daddy Seth Rogen will reprise their roles, as well. (Remember, Heigl may have burned that bridge when she said it was hard for her to love the movie as it was “a little sexist.”)

After making his super-successful feature directorial debut with The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Apatow’s name has been linked to every other comedy out there, but mainly as an executive producer. After Knocked Up and Funny People, the untitled Mann-Rudd project will be his fourth movie as a director. The studio would like cameras to start rolling later this year with an eye on a June 1, 2012, release.

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