The Boys of THE RANT defined sexy as…



1. a genuine mix of physical beauty, confidence, attraction, compassion, star quality, character and authenticity.

used in a sentence: “I made the sexy list!”

They went on to say…

We are often criticized for picking people for our lists who are our friends or who we have strong feelings. While that may be true, there is a certain reason we are drawn to these people. Sexiness. In combining the 2010 list this year, we made a definite attempt to step outside of our social box and include people we truly felt fit the description of each category. Let it be known that there was not much discussion on any of the winners. Each person who slid into each category is literally at the top of their game and there was no need for discussion because they were absolute standouts. Some of these people are our close friends while others we hardly know. But one thing is absolutely certain…they deserve to be exactly where they landed! And make sure to carefully read the last three…they are above all else…the sexiest!

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