When I posted this FB status, I was stating a fact. Remember that…stating a fact. Little did I know, it would cause two days worth of controversy. What are your thoughts? I also posted (w/o names of course) the responses I got.

Kal RadioNow Anorexic French model for Anti-Anorexia campaign has died due to Anorexia. Ironic.

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Person 1: There are two sides to every story. I did a study on her in my abnormal psychology class this semester and we talked about her in class discussion. Although the campaign was a little controversial, she did it to help others, too. Please think before you post stuff like this.

Person 2: I’d like to request “Close To You” by The Carpenters.

Kal RadioNOW: First off, I know that anorexia is not funny. I am glad you did the research. Second, I have no doubt in my mind that she did in fact help people. I was just stating that it was ironic (and sad, yes) that she died from something she is trying to help prevent. So on the other hand, please refrain from posting things that make me sound like I am poking fun at this story…because I am not. Thanks. Next time, think before you “claim” things like that.

Person 3: It’s extremely sad and I can understand why people would get offended. When you have been through it, and you see another person die to the same thing you struggled with it’s heartbreaking. Just remember you are in a position where people look up to you!

Person 4: this post makes we want mineral water and a cracker.

Kal RadioNOW: To Person 3 – “Just remember you are in a position where people look up to you.” What does that have to do with stating the fact that this story is ironic? I can see where you and Katherine would be coming from if I added a “Haha” or something along those lines at the end of my status…which I didn’t. I just stated a fact.

Did I go wrong somewhere? It was just like saying…

“The fire station burned down” OR

“The police station got robbed” OR

“The inventor of the segway died while riding a segway”

VERDICT: People need to get there there undies out of a knot.

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