Oh dear.

Mexican pop singer Kalimba will face trial for allegedly raping two underage girls.

Both of the victims were hired as hostesses during Kalimba’s DJ performance at the Buddha Bar in Chetumal, Mexico on December 18.

The two girls, 17, claim that they were invited to the after party by the bar’s manager. One of the girls, who wishes to remain nameless, alleges that she was sexually abused by Kalimba after she fell asleep around 3 AM in the singer’s hotel room.

She filed a complaint at a local public ministry on December 20.

Meanwhile, the other 17-year-old came forth this past Tuesday claiming she was also raped by the singer in a different room, but said that fear and embarrassment prevented her from speaking out earlier.

Soon after the accusations came out, Kalimba took to his Twitter and posted this:

“You should know that I am not proud of everything I do, I make mistakes, I fall and I sin; but I definitely did not do what I am being accused of.”

He later deleted the tweets. He is scheduled to appear in court in Mexico City.



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