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1)      This “Playboy” just popped the question to Crystal Harris over the Holiday weekend…who is 60 years younger.  Who is this maverick in the magazine industry? Hugh Hefner

2)      The star of the movie out now called, “How do you Know” and from the “Legally Blonde” movies, just got engaged to her 34 year old agent, Jim Toth, who is this star? Reese Witherspoon

3)      Eddie Cibrian popped the question to this young, but long time country star over the weekend…who is this blonde country star? Leann Rimes

4)      Jeff Bridges is in two movies out right now…name one of them. Tron and True Grit

5)      Justin Bieber checked into a Miami hotel recently under the alias, Chandler Bing, what former hit show had this character on it?  Friends

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