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These were a couple of my favorites:

Woman Claims Lady Gaga Stole Her Daughter’s Soul

A lot of people want to take credit for Lady Gaga’s success, including former manager Rob Fusari, but it’s straight-up weird that the mother of Gaga’s dead friend, Lina Morgana, says Gaga stole her daughter’s soul. Morgana’s mother argued that Gaga stole her daughter’s style, background and attitude. It’s hard to believe Gaga is truly that character in real life, but imagine how disturbing it would be if it was all true, and Gaga kept a ball of Morgana’s hair in her purse.

Popular Pickle Surpasses Nickelback for Facebook Fans

This year a woman set out to answer the age-old question, “Can a pickle be more popular than the platinum-selling band Nickelback?” And lo, the people of Facebook answered with a resounding “Of course!” Unfortunately the pickle in question has left Facebook (was it because of privacy issues?) and Nickelback continues to boast more than 5 million fans on the service. But for a brief time, the Internet celebrated its love of a fermented cucumber.

Prince: ‘The Internet Is Completely Over’

The very fact that you’re reading this post disproves Prince’s point, but the singer was vocal about the Internet being a passing fad, saying digital devices “fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.” Far from this being just a wacky soundbite, Prince closed his personal website, forbid iTunes and digital retailers from selling his tracks, and removed all performances from YouTube. The Purple One is still going strong on his convictions, but we’re pretty confident he’ll turn around, rename himself an @ symbol, and declare the Internet holy ground in 2011.

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