This could be the perfect stocking stuffer for any of you Ashton Kutcher aficioandos.

Taking a page from the Monica Lewinsky playbook, self-proclaimed Kutcher mistress Brittney Jones has to taken to eBay with an item of clothing she says is a souvenir of their alleged fling.

But are there any takers yet?

You bet.

The item on the block is described as “Sweater owned by Ashton Kutcher given to me personally.”

Jones posted the item over the weekend and listed it at a starting bid of $500 along with the following description.

“This sweater was given to me after spending the night with Ashton. I no longer have any attachment to this sweater and I am hoping someone else will enjoy it.”

The reluctant sex-tape starlet appears on the auction page wearing a large gray sweater that appears to be the parting gift in question.

As of this morning, the current bid is $710.

Read the Rest and what Ashton as to say here

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