Demi Lovato, while on tour with the Jonas Brothers, punched one of her dancers, Alex Welch, in the face!

Apparently sources close to Demi are saying that she can’t call Alex, since she is sequestered in treatment, but she is very sorry about what happened.

The whole thing started when Demi got in trouble the night before the fight. Tour managers on the Jonas Brothers world tour had questioned Lovato about her conduct, and Lovato suspected one of the dancers had tattled on her.

Alex said that she didn’t know anything about Demi’s actions and she had not said anything to the tour managers. However, apparently Demi thought she did, since the next day she walked right up to her and punched her in the face.

Now, Alex wanted to set things straight….and of course get a lawyer involved.

Let’s see how it turns out! Maybe Alex will finally get her apology.


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