You know I don’t understand this relationship but I guess its not my call. I’m sure some folks don’t understand the relationships I have. However what I will never understand is woman who stay in these types of relationships, where the guy is allowed to do whatever the hell he wants to whomever the hell he wants. I joke alot about T.I. being my Baby Daddy {In My Head} however in real life I wouldn’t take this B.S.

If you know your T.I. you know he is with and I use that term losely ‘Tiny’. Here is what she said about him:

“I talk to him every day, sometimes a couple times a day. And I see him every weekend on Sundays, sometimes on Monday. He’s doing real good and he’s ready to come on home. He should be home somewhere in the top of the year. I’m sure he has been writing.”

Ps. T.I. could be out as early as April :)


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