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1)  Anderson Cooper recently interviewed this famous musician on 60 minutes.  He also mentioned she got him a little tipsy while drinking…She is known for her extravagant wardrobe.  Who is she?  LADY GAGA

2) We were talking about this Hollywood funnyman yesterday, who died at the age of 84….You might recognize him from the movies Airplane! & and Naked Gun…Who is it?  LESLIE NEILSEN

3) This actor can be seen in BrokeBack Mountain and currently Love and other Drugs…He is also dating a famous country musician who just released “Speak Now.” Who is he? JAKE GYLLENHAAL

4) This 3 time Super Bowl Winner currently has his hair similar to Justin Bieber’s…He also beat the Colts a few weeks ago.  Who is it? TOM BRADY

5) She has a booty like woah, a reality show, formerly dated Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints and just released a book?  Who is it? KIM KARDASHIAN

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