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If this is true….

All we can really say is: wow.The National Enquirer is reporting that a fight between Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus over daughter Miley escalated into violence and ultimately caused the couple’s divorce!

According to sources, Billy Ray attempted to ground Miley for talking back to him, and when Tish undermined her husband and let the pop star go out, he lost control and went beserk.

The insider explains:

“Billy screamed terrible things at Tish. Then he started kicking in the door. Tish locked herself in her bedroom to escape Billy Ray’s wrath. And he pounded on the door screaming: ‘Come out here and talk to me, bitch! You let everyone run wild when I’m not here! It’s going to STOP!'”

Wow. If this is true, then it definitely sounds as though there were a lot of underlying issues between these two, and this seemingly minor incident really broke the proverbial camel’s back.

We just hope poor Miley realizes that although the fight was over something she did, this has absolutely nothing to do with her.

So sad.


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