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Janet opened the show with an 8min mash of some of her hits and her new song at the end. At 43 all I kept saying is I see you Janet! You can tell she isn’t at her best anymore more but hey I still love her. The chics coming behind her want her career.

Ps. Janet did you borrow MJs costume from The Wiz for this performance? Just curious. . .

I’m still not understanding how Eminem was nominated for Artist of the year when he had no hits? Seriously and you know how I know you had no hits cause you closed your performance with a calaboration song. The fact you didn’t bring Drake out erks me, yet 50 cent was right there. uuugh

As much as I adore Alicia Keys this wasn’t her best performance. I think she needs to understand that every song doesn’t need choreography. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart came late in the year but I think this is my favorite R&B song of 2009!

Jennifer Lopez apparently wants you to know that she can still bring out Jenny from the block or JLo as she was best known as. The problem is Jenny, honey you are now in your 40s with two kids. I think you need to leave these young girl songs alone . . .

They kept saying and the return of Rihanna like her performance was going to be off the chain and that she was the performance we didn’t need to miss of the night. Fail! Its no secret that I’m not the biggest Rihanna fan but this was just ok at best. I can deal with Rihanna on record but performance wise, not so much. We all know Janet, JLo, Britney can’t sing but at least they can perform. Rihanna step it up honey.

Alicia and Jay z hit the stage of course to let us know how much they love New York. Jay looked pretty dapper in his suit once you got past the camel face. Just glad lil Mama didn’t pop up on stage.

Lady GaGa is so weird but for some reason I like her. I just make sure I always pray after she gets off the stage. Jan 14th should be interesting to say the least!

Adam Lambert is a . . . . . you fill in the blank. I will say how do you open the show with Janet and close it with this dude named Adam?????

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