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Don’t matter if  it’s by the chimney with care…as long as it’s HUNG!!!




Rihanna said that if she could have anything for Christmas, it would be great food and even better sex!

Rihanna said: “That’s not too much to ask, right? The sex might be a little difficult but my mum is coming to cook me some food. She does spicy stew called pepper pot. It sound strange but it’s really good. But I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be spending Christmas in Barbados or with my grandparents in New York.”

As for the man she wants to have sex with, Rihanna said:  “He has to be good in bed and the size matters. The inner beauty counts as well, but without a toy it doesn’t make it fun. Right now I don’t want to have a serious relationship, I want to have fun. I love flirting at the moment. I’m single and I’m enjoying my freedom. But I don’t give my phone number out that often. But if I’m dating, I check the boy from the top to the bottom.”



Follow-Up: Rihanna Never Said She Liked “Big” Men

Rihanna had to deal with some controversy after some of her quotes to German magazine Bravo. Rihanna had said that any potential future boyfriend has to be “good in bed and the size matters. You know what I mean? Inner beauty counts as well, but without a toy it doesn’t make it fun.”

Rihanna’s camp responded and said that she never said she liked “big” men and that her comments were taken out of context.


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