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I do not think women fighting is sexy….course iv’e been wrong before! Angie would kick her ass.  Wanted style!!

Sources claim Angelina Jolie thinks her blabbermouth look-alike Megan Fox needs to “put a muzzle on it”.

A supposed, ‘friend’, tells Us Weekly, “Angie has been saying, ‘That woman acts like a fool’. She needs to mind her Ps and Qs.”

Before Brad Pitt, Angelina was known for saying (“You’re young, you’re drunk, you’re in bed, you have knives; s— happens…”) and doing (wearing a vile of blood around her neck) some pretty off-the-wall things. She knows first-hand how difficult it is to shake the stigmas that go along with them.


Angelina now says, “I wish someone had pulled me aside when I was young and told me that. Now I’ll forever be known as a lesbian or a self-cutter, instead of what I worked so hard to become”.

Her advice to Megan: “You have to put a muzzle on it!”


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