Just hours away from the Season 5 finale, Kim Kardashian took to her blog to call tonight’s episode her “most open and vulnerable” of the hit series.

How so?

Kardashian blogged that she’s seen “stuff on the internet saying I’ve put Reggie [Bush] on blast for airing a phone call with the two of us.”

The reality star says airing calls is “nothing new or scandalous” since over the course of their three-year relationship they “taped dozens of conversations and iChatted many times while filming.”

“He is someone I care about,” notes Kardashian, adding, “With that said I live my life on a reality show and to let you guys into my life, I show as much as I can. This episode is my most emotional and most vulnerable.”

Kardashian concludes, “I think once you watch the episode you will really see that I in no way put anyone on blast!”


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