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“Fried beer! Fried beer! Get your fried beer here!”

The minute you enter the food court at the 2010 State Fair of Texas in Dallas, the call cuts through the crowds of people and the smell of cotton candy and roasted corn. Booth vendors shout the choice of foods, “Fried beer…fried club salad…fried caviar!”

Every year the State Fair of Texas holds the Big Tex Choice Awards contest.

This year’s Most Creative award went to Fried Beer – a pretzel pocket filled with beer then fried and served with melted cheddar cheese. “It tastes like ravioli with a shot of beer!” said a female fairgoer. “It’s like eating nachos and beer at the same time.”

Another woman, not knowing if she should drink it or eat, decided, “I’d rather just have a beer!”

You can read the rest of the story here or watch it being made below.

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