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Sure, Justin Bieber’s a smooth talking charmer, but tonight his suppressed bad guy side escapes on the season premiere of CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. JB plays Jason McCann, a troubled teen who’s faced with the tough choice to either rat out his brother to authorities or keep what he knows a secret. Decisions, decisions, Bieber.

Justin’s a pro at performing before a live audience, but acting on a TV set? That’s a new territory. Kat Graham tells me he’ll “absolutely” pull off his big acting debut, and The Vampire Diaries star will be watching and waiting to congratulate him on a job well done.

“I think he’s probably always been that entertainment person,” Kat spills to LwL. “He’s doing acting, and I’m doing music. I think [when] you’re just a creative person, and you’re just creating — whether it’s music or art or film or TV or anything — that’s with you, and you can do anything.”

Aly Michalka knows a thing or two about going down the singing-turned-acting path. From a young age, she sang with her sister Amanda in the pop group Aly & AJ, and now the 21-year-old stars alongside Ashley Tisdale on CW’s Hellcats.

Giving Justin some pointers on a rumored second CSI appearance this February, she says, “Keep the music and the acting separate. It’s important being an artist to make sure people can see you in both ways differently, and be able to respect you for being an actor and musician as well. That’s definitely a struggle that I think everybody goes through if they’re crossing both of those paths together.”


BTW — you can see a preview of tonight’s episode here.

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