NBA star Dwight Howard and his child’s mom, Basketball Wives star Royce Reed are still going at it…In the latest episode of “Baller Baby Mama Drama”, Dwight is claiming Royce owes him over $500 million dollars by violating a 2009 court order that prevented her from speaking about him to the public. According to the court order, If she was to even utter his name, she’d be required to pay $500 for every person that views or accesses the information about Dwight Howard. Dwight has determined that Royce has leaked dirt on him to the media at least 11 different times and reached over a million people, which = $500 million dollars. My question is; Where in the hell does Dwight Howard think Royce is gonna get $500 million bucks? She’ll be p*ssy popping until she’s 70, trying to come up with that type of money.


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