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The “Twilight: Eclipse” soundtrack was jammed pack with awesome artists (The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, Sia) that  you will learn their names and love their music in the coming months.  One of my favorites is Florence & the Machine.  If you saw Julia Robert’s new movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” or saw any of the trailers, then you have heard “Dog Days are Over.”  Florence killed it on the VMAs last night. You can watch her performance here… Florence & the Machine- 2010 MTV VMAs

Visit her official YouTube page. Florence & the Machine – Offical YouTube Page

Here is the official video

Here’s a great interview with her from E!Online:

If you don’t think you’ve heard any of Florence + the Machine’s music, I can assure you that you have. The English group’s infectious tune “Dogs Day Are Over” was played during the omnipresent trailer for Julia Roberts’ summer movie Eat Pray Love.

Fronted by 24-year-old British singer Florence Welch (the Machine refers to her rotating cadre of collaborators), Twilight fans know them for the song “Heavy in Your Arms” from the Eclipse soundtrack…

Tune into MTV’s Video Music Awards today and we promise you will be impressed when four-time nominee Welch hits the stage to perform “Dog Days.” I caught up with Welch at her home in London, where she was nursing a bit of a cold. Read on to find out what she has to say about meeting Lady Gaga, her thoughts on Edward and Jacob and why she likes writing music when she’s drunk…

Have you seen Eat Pray Love yet?

No, but I got invited to the premiere and I did go to that. But I haven’t seen it. When they asked to do the song for the movie I was on holiday in Miami and in the back of a taxi cab I found a copy of the book. I took that as a sign. I thought, “Oh, I should do that then.”

Are you Twilight fan?

When I was on tour, I got into the books. Then me and my little sister got into them together. Two Christmases ago, we had the last book but we only had one between us…In the middle of the night we would be reading it to each other. And then we’d fall asleep and she’d be like, “Don’t read ahead of me!”

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I felt really bad for Jacob in the film. I really wanted him to kiss her. But I do think Edward is pretty hot.

Do you mean Edward or Robert Pattinson?

I haven’t met Robert Pattinson in person—but I think I quite like the whole fantasy of Edward.

You’re up for four VMAs. Lady Gaga and Eminem are your big competition. Are you a fan?

I love lady Gaga. I think she makes really, really, really great pop music. I’ve met her before and she was really sweet to me.

Any chance you’ll be working together some day?

I don’t know, but never say never.

What about Eminem?

The first CD single I ever bought—I bought tapes before—was “The Real Slim Shady” with my pocket money. Maybe I should find it and ask him to sign it at the VMAs.

You’ve said your best songwriting comes when you’re drunk or hung over. That still true?

I would much rather write a song than talk to anyone if I was drunk because you never know what’s going to come out of your mouth. It could be good but it could also be bad.

So instead of drunk-dialing, you’re drunk-songwriting.

Yeah, and it’s hit and miss.

(Originally published Sept. 12, 2010, at 7:06 a.m. PT)


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