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The surprise is out! Oprah didn’t give away cars today. She gave away trips to Australia.

On the premiere of the 25th — and final — season of The Oprah Winfrey Show that aired today, Winfrey surprised weeping “ultimate” fans – the 300 people in her studio audience – by telling them she was taking them all on a trip. “Where would I most want to go?” she teased, before announcing she was taking everyone “to the other side of the world. We’re going to Australia!” she yelled as the crowd jumped and cried and screamed, confetti falling around them.

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And who was flying them Down Under? Pilot John Travolta! Earlier in the show, Oprah dubbed him her “Favorite Guest of All Time.”

He joined Winfrey on stage for a walk down memory lane, Don Johnson – who looks as good as he did back in the Miami Vice and Nash Bridges days – made an appearance, and Paul Simon sang a song he wrote for the talk show host.

The show was pretty much non-stop squealing.

The Chicago Sun-Times says it looks like we can expect lots of nostalgia this season, not to mention freebies. The first product-placement honors went to Qantas Airlines, Chevrolet and Motorola.


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