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I can’t believe that this happened in Amarillo, TX!! This is the first place I moved to for radio, and where I met my wife, Stef. The population is only about 200,000. Amarillo is as “Texas” as you can get!

This skateboarder, Jacob Isom, snatched the Quran from the minister and said, “Dude, you have no Quran!”

Here is the story!!

Elise Preston

NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO— A planned Quran burning in an Amarillo city park did not happen.

Unified chants of protesters resonated through the air at Sam Houston park Saturday afternoon. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists, all with different beliefs, but Saturday, one common belief brought them together.

“It’s a great dishonor to desecrate the scriptures of any religious tradition.” said Minister David Green with the Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church.

David Grisham, the leader of an area radical Christian group attempted to publicly set fire to the Islamic Holy book.

“I snook up behind him and took his Quran. He said something about burning the Quran. I said ‘dude you have no Quran’ and ran off.” Jacob Isom tells NewsChannel 10.

Many called Isom a hero after he took the Quran already dowsed with kerosene off a park grill.

“Some people put their hands on the grill that he had saturated the book on to keep him from burning. They were willing to sacrifice their selves.” Said a thankful John Miller with the Islamic Center of Amarillo.

“God has a way of intervening when he wants to bring good from bad. So this is a positive thing in light of September 11th and the feelings that are going on around the world.”

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