Stacey Herald, 35, is, at just 2 feet 4 inches tall, the world’s smallest woman. She is also the world’s smallest mother, as she is pregnant with her third child, despite warnings from doctors that having another child could kill her. Her first child with husband Will—who is 5’ 9”—was born with her same condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Her second child was born healthy and was more than half her mother’s height/length at birth.

Currently, both children are bigger than Herald and her third child, a boy, is expected to be born healthy—and thus larger—as well. Doctors were concerned another baby “would grow so large inside her tiny body it would eventually crush her organs, strangling her from the inside out.” The Heralds, however, view their children as “blessings from God” and don’t worry about the possible dangers. I think it’s lovely that this couple has found love despite their physical differences, but the chances of handing down her condition, not to mention the threat to her health and thus her ability to actually parent her kids, makes me wary of them continuing to procreate naturally.

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