I think the only person I’d probably piss off is Rihanna cause I’d have soooooo many questions for her. And I know from my personal experience with her that she doesn’t like being asked alot of questions she doesn’t know is coming. However I wouldn’t show her or anyone I interview a naked picture of anyone. Especially if it’s someone they actually know. In this case it was Britney Spears and her VayJJ that was shown to Joel and Benji Madden during a radio interview. So they left. Thats just gross and disrespectful!

After answering a few preliminary questions, the Madden brothers were asked to play a game to test if they could sense what the other was feeling.

The game soon turned pear-shaped when Benji was blindfolded and Joel was shown a well-known photograph of Spears getting out of a car without her underwear on.

Benji promptly guessed that his brother was annoyed while Joel made no secret of his irritation.

“I think I’m pretty laid back dude, but you guys are getting on my nerves,” he said.

Peep the video and the rest of the interview here

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